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Comm. Minutes Special Meeting--September 10, 1991 <br /> <br />SPECIAL MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> SEPTEMBER 10, 1991 <br /> <br />735 <br /> <br />MEETING TO ORDER <br />Chairman Gene Shannon called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM with the <br />following members present: Don Eckert, Gene Shannon, Sharon "Pepper" <br />Toussaint and Alon Wieland. Steve Risher arrived later. <br /> <br />BUDGET MEETING, Sheriff Department budget reviewed <br />Sheriff Donald Rudnick, Glenn Ellingsberg and Jim Thoreson presented <br />the 1992 budget request for the Cass County Sheriff's Department. <br /> <br />The Sheriff went through his budget, line item by line item, <br />indicating where he thought items could be reduced. The Auditor will <br />make the changes accordingly. Items requiring further discussion were <br />as follows: <br /> <br />Regional Training Center: <br />Full 1991 budgeted amount was not spent because there was a fund <br />balance of about $35,000 last year. The Sheriff said $8,500 is needed <br />from Cass County for 1992. A suggestion was made to cut that amount <br />in half for 1992, but Mr. Wieland asked the Sheriff to obtain a copy <br />of their budget first. <br /> <br />Office Equipment: <br />Replacement of copy machine, budgeted at $7,000. <br />be transferred to the correctional department. <br /> <br />Present copier will <br /> <br />Cellular phone: <br />Mr. Shannon asked why the department needs cellular phones with all <br />the radio equipment they have, and he said the Commission may need to <br />establish a policy on this because of large monthly bills. <br /> <br />Mr. Ellingsberg said the department has two cellular phones, one <br />shared by the civil division and investigations, and the other one was <br />purchased through the State Division of Emergency Management. The <br />Sheriff said cellular phones ease the pressure on dispatch. <br /> <br />Education/Seminars: <br />The Sheriff plans to re-evaluate <br />Network (LETN) to see if the <br />programming for 1992. <br /> <br /> the Law Enforcement Television <br />department should continue the <br /> <br />Crime Prevention: <br />Budget request was reduced and Commissioners <br />"Crime Stoppers" budget. <br /> <br />requested a copy of <br /> <br />Vehicles: <br />Budget request for 1992 is $174,500 for ten replacement vehicles, to <br />include six marked vehicles, three unmarked vehicles and one van. <br /> <br />Mr. Shannon proposed saving money by reducing the number of vehicles <br />in the fleet. Mrs. Toussaint asked how many there are in the fleet, <br />and Mr. Ellingsberg said there are 30. <br /> <br /> <br />