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Comm. Hinutes--August 1, 1989 297 <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COHHISSIONERS <br /> <br />AUGUST 1, 1989 <br /> <br />1. MEETING TO ORDER <br />Chairman Don Eckert called the meeting to order with all members <br />present as follows: Oscar Sondrall, Alon Wieland, Don Eckert, Sharon <br />"Pepper" Toussaint, and Gene Shannon, <br /> <br />2. MINUTES APPROVED MOTION, passed <br /> Mr. Shannon moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the <br /> minutes of the two previous meetings of July 11 and <br /> July 18, 1989, be approved as presented by the Commission <br /> Secretary. Motion carried. <br /> <br />3. AMBULANCE SERVICE, Adjustment in rate structure <br />P.C. Davidson and Pat Murray from F-M Ambulance Service were present <br />to request Commission approval for an adjustment in their rate <br />schedule, which would be an increase in user fees for advanced life <br />support calls. Mr. Eckert asked if County Commission approval is <br />necessary since it, is not a request for an increase from Cass County. <br />Mr. Davidson stated that the present contract may not require <br />Commission approval, but he did not feel he could raise the rates <br />without it. Mr. Murray stated that they are drafting a new contract <br />which will require Commission approval to change their rates. <br /> MOTION, passed <br /> Mr. Shannon moved and Mrs. Toussaint seconded to receive <br /> and file the request from F-M Ambulance Service, and that <br /> it be used as base 'line data when Cass County renegotiates <br /> the contract. Mr. Hieland stated that if the motion does <br /> not allow for the increase to take effect, he could not <br /> support it. Mrs. Toussaint stated that it appears they can <br /> raise their rates without Cass County approval but if the <br /> new contract requires it, the Commission can deal with it <br /> at that time. Mr. Davidson stated that he did not feel he <br /> should change their rates without notifying the County, <br /> even though the contract may not require the Cass County <br /> Commission approval. Fargo City ordinance requires City <br /> Commission approval, and a new contract with Clay County <br /> requires their approval. Mr. Eckert stated that he respects <br /> Mr. Davidson's remarks and felt the Commission should give <br /> him their support. At the call for the question and on <br /> roll call vote, the motion carried with three members <br /> voting "Aye", Mr. Wieland and Mr. Eckert opposing. <br /> Mr. Davidson stated that he will have to study this and <br /> justify in his own mind increasing the rates without Cass <br /> County approval. Mr. Shannon stated that they do not need <br /> Cass County's approval to do this. Mr. Wieland stated that <br /> Hr. Davidson has notified the County by his appearance and <br /> by his letter but if he still feels he needs the approval <br /> of Cass County in order to satisfy contract requirements, <br /> he should contact the States Attorney and indicate so to <br /> him with a copy to this Commission, and ask to come back <br /> with another request. <br /> <br /> <br />