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C;on~m. 14inutes--May 16, i9!~? 251 <br /> <br />REGULAR HEETING OF CASS COU?.~I'Y BOARD OF COI'4HISSIONEi~:Z <br /> <br />MAY 16, i989 <br /> <br />1. IIEETING TO ORDER <br />CI,alrman Don Eckert called the meeting to order with al 1 n~,~rnber-s <br />pr-esenb ms follows: Oscar Sondrall, Alol~ Wieland, Dora Ecl~er'., Shar'ot~ <br />"Pepper" Toussaint? and Gene Stnannon. <br /> <br />2. HINUTES APPROVED NOTION, passed <br /> Hr. Sondrall moved and Mr. Shannon seconded that the <br /> minutes of the previous meeting be approved as correct, ed <br /> with the 'tally for Harold Tysver and James Kappel being 4 <br /> votes each for Social Service Board appointments in <br /> paragraph 23. Motion carried. <br /> <br />3. HINUTES AMENDED MOTION, passed <br /> Mr. Shannon moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the <br /> minutes of the previous meeting be amended to include Lhe <br /> body of the text of Ttems 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the "Repor-t, <br /> the Committee on Personnel Policies" in paragraph <br /> Motion carried. <br /> <br />4. REG. CHILD SUPPORT DIRECTOR, Letter of commendation NOTION, passed <br /> Hr. Shannon moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded to deliver a <br /> letter signed by the Chairman to Bonnie Johnson, Regi,,:~at <br /> Child Support Enforcement Director, commending her' and her <br /> staff for their continued o~tstanding performance in child <br /> support collections. Notio~ carried. <br /> <br />5. ABATEMENT HEARING, Dairy! & Elizabeth Justesen MOTION, passed <br /> Mr. Sondrall moved and Mr. Shannon seconded t,hat Abate;n~.nC <br /> No. 3895 submitted by' Dar'ryl & Elizabeth Justesen be <br /> approved as submitted reducin9 the true and full value:-fi'om <br /> $61,107 to $31,300 as recommended by Reile's Acres and <br /> County Director of Equalization. On roll call vote, ;,he <br /> motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />6. APPOINTMENTS, Vector Control and Southeast Human Servicer:. <br />Chairman Eckert stated that a question has come up of wfxet:.l':er" ther'e <br />actually is a vacancy on the Cass County Vector- Con'trol O~s'krict <br />Board and whether there are three vacancies on the Southe;'.~st:. Human <br />Services Center Board. He indicated that he had a letLer' ,'e,:_iar'dir}9 <br />this, which he 9ave to Commissioner Toussaint. ,He undeFst, ai;ds there <br />is a question whether a vacancy e×ists fo;- the terms of' At,.'i~'. Johnson <br />and Jeannette Star;on on the Southeast Human Services Bo::~'-d. One <br />vacancy occurred when Maura gol~es resigned about one year- ~c).-.). <br /> <br />States Attorney Robert Hoy indicated that the State statu'L~:~s do not <br />provide for removal of members on the Human Services Boa.~-d .:-~t. this <br />time. Mr. Hoy stated 'that the County Commission has aut. h;:'~r i?.y to <br />remove any one or all members on the Vector-Control Distr'i.'.;L Board. <br /> <br /> <br />