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200 <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />MARCH 7, 1989 <br /> <br /> Chairman Don Eckert called the meeting to order with four <br />members present as follows: Oscar Sondrall, Alon Wieland, Don <br />Eckert, and Gene Shannon. Sharon "Pepper" Toussaint was absent. <br /> <br /> Mr. Shannon moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the minutes of <br />the previous meeting be approved as corrected. Motion carried. <br /> <br /> Mr. Francis Klein, County Director of Tax Equalization, was <br />present for a hearing on application for abatement and settlement of <br />taxes submitted by Terry Lang for property in the City of Mapleton. <br />Mr. Shannon moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the valuation be <br />reduced from $65,002 to $58,000 for the 1988 tax year on abatement <br />#3894, as recommended by the City of Mapleton and the Director of <br />Equalization. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br /> Mr. Wieland reported that he received resignations yesterday <br />from former County Commissioner Ray Larson from the Social Service <br />Board effective April 11, 1989, and from the 45th Street Interchange <br />Committee. Mr. Eckert noted that Mr. Larson has also resigned from <br />the Building Authority. Mr. Wieland moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded <br />to receive the letters of resignation and send a letter of thanks to <br />Mr. Larson for his service. Mr. Shannon asked if any other letters <br />of resignation were received. There were none. Motion carried. <br /> <br /> Randy Herman appeared before the Board with a petition to <br />establish a special assessment district to fund a road paving project <br />in Sleepy Hollow (Holman's 1st Subdivision). He stated that the <br />petition is signed by 80% of the home owners, and the County's <br />guidelines for establishing a special assessment district have been <br />met, as far as he knows. States Attorney Robert Hoy stated that he <br />has not had a chance to review the petition. <br /> <br /> Mr. Wieland moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded to allow the Sleepy <br />Hollow home owners to proceed with plans and specifications for the <br />paving project, subject to review by the States Attorney and the <br />County Engineer to determine that all of the conditions of the <br />County's guidelines have been met. Mr. Eckert asked about bonding, <br />and County Accountant Mike Montplaisir stated that the group needs to <br />hire an engineer and obtain the engineer's report before the total <br />project cost can be determined. Mr. Montplaisir stated that one of <br />the County's guidelines is to add an amount equal to 30% of the cost <br />of the improvement to the project cost to be set aside in a special <br />fund to provide for delinquencies in tax collections. The Commission <br />has waived this requirement in the past, and he does not feel a <br />reserve fund is necessary in this case. He felt this could be <br />addressed at a later time. At the call for the question, the motion <br />carried on roll call vote with all members present voting "Aye". <br /> <br /> Mr. Shannon moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded to adopt the budget <br />resolutions as outlined by the County Accountant for the 1990 budget <br />process. Motion carried. <br /> <br /> <br />