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X91 <br />Office screens for <br />Cthse. remodeling <br />for new area- <br />informal bids recd. <br />Co. to pay Z of bill <br />for expenses of Co. <br />Planning Mtg. at <br />Cassel ton <br />NACO letter to be <br />sent declining addtl <br />payment to save Fed. <br />Revenue Sharing <br />Bonanzaville- -snow <br />removal procedures <br />disc. <br />Wm. Woell apprd. <br />re: Clerk of Court <br />matter <br />Salary Review Comm <br />to include 2 more <br />employees <br />Policy on replacement <br />of Co. employees <br />changed Commission <br />approval required <br />PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF CASS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA <br />Informal bids were received from the following for office screens for the Sheriff' <br />Clerk of District Court and other areas within the remodeling project and for the south wing <br />Office Interiors <br />Fireside Office Products <br />Hannaher's, Inc. <br />Pierce Company <br />Gaffaney's of Fargo, Inc. <br />Steffens Office Equipment <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded that the above bids be referred to the Cass County <br />Building Authority and to Scott Krueger for tabulation and recommendation. Motion carried. <br />Mr. Eckert moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded that Cass County pay $30.23, which is 50% of the bill <br />for expenses for a meeting held in Casselton last week by the County Planning Commission. On roll call <br />vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded that the Chairman be authorized to send a letter to the <br />National Association of Counties declining payment of an additional $487.00, which is a special <br />assessment to save Federal Revenue Sharing; and that the Chairman state the County's position on the <br />Federal Revenue Sharing program. Motion carried unanimously. <br />Mr. Eckert reported that he discussed snow removal procedures at Bonanzaville with Ken McIntyre, <br />and he was informed that the County Road Department is contacted as soon as possible after a snowstorm to <br />clear the roads there. <br />On motion by Mr. Larson and seconded by Mrs. Stanton, the meeting was adjourned. <br />s Department, <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />FEBRUARY 11, 1986 <br />Chairman Alon Wieland called the meeting to order and upon roll call, all members were present. <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as <br />written. Motion carried. <br />Mr. William John Woell from the Davenport area appeared before the Board regarding a request he <br />made to the Clerk of the District Court on January 30, 1986, to look at a file currently held there. He <br />stated that he is a party in a lawsuit in District Court, and that there was a reversal handed down by <br />the North Dakota Supreme Court which was never entered into the file. His complaint to the Commission <br />was that an employee in the Clerk of Court's Office was less than courteous to him, and refused to make a <br />statement in writing to the effect that there was a document missing from the file. Mr. Woell requested <br />the Commission to conduct a thorough investigation as to the treatment he received in the Clerk of <br />Court's Office, and he requested something in writing from the Commission on their findings. <br />Mrs. Stanton asked Mr. Woell what he requested the Clerk's Office to put in writing? He stated <br />that he asked them for the condition of that file and what document was missing. Mrs. Stanton asked if <br />his attorney had neglected to file a document, and Mr. Woell stated that it is a distinct possibility. <br />He stated that he requested to have a judgement removed, but was told this required certain documentation <br />even though he showed them a copy of the Supreme Court ruling. Mr. Wieland questioned Mr. Woell's <br />appearance before the County Commission as far as what the Clerk of Court's Office can and cannot do. <br />Those rules would be according to the North Dakota Century Code. <br />Mrs. Stanton stated that she will not tolerate rudeness on the part of County employees, but there <br />are two sides to a story. Mr. Wieland stated that he investigated the matter from both sides, and he <br />suggested that each Commissioner conduct their own investigation and that it be placed back on the agenda <br />when a Commissioner so requests. <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded to change the make —up of the Salary Review Committee to <br />a total of nine consisting of five employees, three department heads and one Commissioner; with the <br />employees selecting their membership first and that every effort be made not to have a duplication of <br />departments. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Mrs. Stanton reported that the County's policy for replacement of County employees upon termination <br />of employment as adopted in 1985 gives the departments authority to hire staff replacement without <br />Commission approval. Mr. Larson stated that this does not give the Commission any control if they would <br />wish to eliminate a position. Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Larson seconded that the hiring of all County <br />employees, whether replacement or a new position, needs to be approved by the County Commission prior to <br />the hiring. Mr. Sondrall asked what would result if an employee terminated employment without notice, <br />and Mr. Wieland stated that the Commission could hold a special meeting, if necessary. At the call for <br />the question and upon roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. The Administrative Assistant will <br />notify the department heads of the change in policy. <br />