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<br />6157 <br /> <br /> <br />PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF CASS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA <br /> <br />-------*-~-:-~~~' ., ':~_'_"'!.~'_~'~~!!;!'lLO~~c~~~,~.~~!,.~~~..p.~~26~;~ <br /> <br />---_.._----_._------~._--.--,----.....,..~._--_...._"._-~._----..------.-.----..-.-.---..,-----..-.----.- <br />-- ....... ..-.-...."." ... '- ...- -.,.... ,. __ ._ - '__", __,_ "'.',. - . .... _.n.....__. . __, . n__ '_ . ,_ . '. _ . __ <br /> <br />Plat of Riverwood 4th <br />Subd. approved <br /> <br />Corres. from Co. Crt <br />Judge Cynthia Rothe <br />regarding replace- <br />ment of Court Report <br />er and salary <br /> <br />Proposed road mill <br />levy--Ietter of supp. <br />from St. Hwy. <br /> <br />Disc. on 20 Year <br />Road Repair and <br />Constr. Program-- <br />prel. approval from <br />State and Federal <br />Highway Depts.-- <br />Resolution adopted <br />to place question <br />on the June Primary <br />Election Ballot <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />'APRIL 17, 1984 <br /> <br />Chairman Stanton called the meeting to order and upon roll call, all members were present. <br /> <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be <br />approved as written. Motion carried. <br /> <br />Mr. Lee Sprague from the Moore Engineering Company presented a Plat of Riverwood Fourth <br />Subdivision located in the SW?; of Section 18, Fargo Township. He stated that sewage collection and <br />treatment will be an extension from the City of Fargo's ,services and the water supply will be on a <br />private basis until such time that it is available from the City of Fargo. The plat was reviewed and <br />approved by the Cass County Planning Commission at their meeting earlier today. <br /> <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mr. Eckert seconded to approve the Plat of Riverwood Fourth <br />Subdivision in Section 18, Fargo Township, as presented. On roll call vote, the motion carried <br />unanimously. Mr. Sprague will bring back the original of the plat at a later date for the <br />Chairman's signature. <br /> <br />A letter was received from County Court Judge Cynthia A. Rothe informing the Board of the <br />resignation of her Court Reporter, Kelly Kroke., effective about May 15, 1984. She stated that she <br />would like to discuss with the Commission the issue. of the salary for the new Court Reporter, and <br />the matter will be placed on the agenda for next Tuesday. Chairman Stanton suggested that Mr. <br />Wieland and Mr. Eckert meet with Judge Rothe in the meantime. <br /> <br />A letter was received from the State Highway Department commending Cass County for their <br />review of transportation needs and for proposing a program for construction and maintenance, of <br />County farm to market roads. <br /> <br />Scott Krueger < Administrative Assistant, stated that preliminary approval of the proposed <br />County road program has been received from the State Highway Department and from the Federal <br />Highway Works Administration. He drafted a resolution which would 'authorize and 'instruct the <br />County Auditor to place the question on the Primary Election Ballot for establishing a special road <br />mill levy according to the proposedCass County 20 year road repair and construction program as <br />prepared and presented at previous meetings by Mr. Krueger and County Road Superintendent <br />Steve Grindberg. <br /> <br />Mr. Larson suggested increasing the amount of money to be allocated to the cities for the <br />creation of a City Pothole and Street Repair Fund as noted in Item No.1 of the resolution. It was <br />moved by Mr. Larson and seconded by Mr. Sondrall to adopt a resolution requesting a 10 mill' levy <br />annually for a Cass County Road Repair and Construction Program but stating that 150% instead of <br />100% of the money allocated to Cass County from the State Highway Department Incentive Fund be <br />allocated to cities on a matching basis, and that the mill levy l?e for a period of 10 years instead <br />of 20 years. At the call for the question, the motion failed on roll call vote with: Mr. Larson and <br />Mr. Sondrall voting "Aye"; Mr. Wieland,' Mr. Eckert and Mrs. Stanton opposing. <br /> <br />Mr. Eckert moved to adopt the resolution as drafted leaving Item No. 1 at 100%. of the State <br />Highway Department Incentive Fund to be allocated to cities on a matching basis and that the mill <br />levy be for a period of 20 years. Mr. Wieland seconded the motion for discussion, and questioned <br />whether a figure of $300,000.00 could be used instead of a percentage for the City Pothole and <br />Street Repair Fund. Discussion was held on using a minimum and a maximum dollar amount. <br /> <br />Robert Hoy, States Attorney, informed the Commission that if they were to go beyond 1 OO%. of <br />the State Highway Department Incentive Fund, the proposed road mill levy cannot be used to' <br />subsidize the additional amount to be allocated to the cities. This would have to, come from other' <br />County monies. <br /> <br />Mr. Eckert amended his motion to adopt the resolution as follows; The amended 'motion was <br />seconded biMr. Wieland, and it carried on roll call vote with all members voting "Aye". <br /> <br />WHEREAS, The Board of Cass County Commissioners has prepared a proposed County Road <br />Program of Federal Aid and Off System Roads, setting forth a general description of the roads to <br />be repaired or constructed, the location of the bridges constituting a part of the program, the <br />approximated total mileage and the priority of construction, and; <br /> <br />WHEREAS, said program has been submitted to the State Highway Department and the Federal <br />Highway Works Administration as follows: <br /> <br />CASS COUNTY 20 YEAR ROAD REPAIR AND CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM <br />Yearly <br />Priority Description and Location <br /> <br />1. <br /> <br />Creation of a CITY POTHOLE AND STREET REPAIR FUND in the amount of <br />$300,000.00, to be allocated to cities on a matching basis, pursuant to ~ 54,-40-08, <br />North Dakota Century Code, 1983; <br /> <br />2. <br /> <br />Repair or Replacement of 1 substandard bridge on the Federal Aid 'System, as <br />shown on Exhibit 1 <br /> <br />3. <br /> <br />Repair or Replacement of up to 8 substandard bridges off the Federal Aid <br />System, as shown on Exhibit 2 <br /> <br />4. <br /> <br />Reshaping and Resurfacing up to 12.7 miles of surfaced roads' on the County <br />Road System - 254 miles total, as shown on Exhibit 3 <br />