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<br /> <br /> <br />60!) /1 <br /> <br />PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF CASS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA <br /> <br />._,_.__,______,_~"'__,...__:::__u__._.MI:!IC!HT .~!11.NTlN9,.t;9."..fN!.GQ,__t!,,_1I,_,n6.11'I__,_.._.__.. <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I <br />I were <br />I <br /> <br />JUNE 21, 1983 <br /> <br />Chairman Eckert called the meeting to order and upon roll call, all members <br />present. <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />Contract awarded! Mr. Grindberg reported that the low bid of Industrial Builders, Inc. in the amount <br />for bridge const"1 of $468,827 cannot be accepted for the bridge construction project on County Road 17 <br />project on C17 north of Horace because there was a problem with the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). <br />north of Horace-! Apparently Industrial Builders did not comply with the 8% Federal requirement for <br />Board had to r hiring employees from a minority group. The State Highway Department recommends <br />accept the 2nd I accepting the next low bid of Swingen Cohstruction Company in the amount of $484,980, <br />lowest bidder . which is still below the Engineer's estimate on the project. Mr. Grindberg stated that <br />there is a completion date of November, 1983, on this bridge construction; and he did not <br />I wish to have the project delayed because of the MBE requirement. <br /> <br />, Mr. Sondrall moved and Mr. Larson seconded to sign the contract with Swingen <br />I Construction Company in the amount of $484,980 for the County Road 17 bridge construction <br />I north of Horace. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Cass County Elec! Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Larson seconded to granr a utility permit to <br />granted utility I Cass County Electric Company to install underground power cable along County <br />permit I'. in the NW~ of Section 19, Davenport Township. On roll call vote, the motion <br />unanimously. <br /> <br />NW Bell Telephon$ Mr. Eckert reported that the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company is reconsidering <br />reconsidering their bill submitted to the Cass County Road Department for damage accidentally done <br />bill for damage to a telephone cable along County Road 17, and a dec~sion will be reached at the end <br />to cable of the week. <br /> <br />I Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Larson seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting <br />I be approved as written. Motion carried. <br />I <br /> <br />Req. for i Mr. Daniel Pease appeared before the Board requesting permission to install an <br />approach alon~approach on County Road 17 north of West Fargo in Section 19, Reed Township. Steve Grindberg; <br />C17 north of I County Road Superintendent, was present and stated that the County has a policy of limiting <br />West Fargo I the number of approaches on a County road to one per one-half mile. Mr. Grindberg <br />in Reed T,wp. I recommended moving an existing approach to the half-mile line and that the landowner/ <br />, developer provide a service road for access to the property if additional pieces of land <br />I are to be sold as was indicated to him. It was suggested that the matter be first referred <br />to the Cass County Planning Commission for their review. The property has not been <br />platted, and Mr. Eckert suggested that the landowner and also Reed Township be asked to <br />attend the County Planning Commission meeting along with Mr. Pease and Mr. Grindberg. <br /> <br />the <br />Road 9 <br />carried <br /> <br />C18 east of I Mr. Grindberg stated that Clay County has awarded a contract for paving a section <br />Hickson--Clay of road which they intend to make a truck route with no weight limits through <br />County side to I Comstock, Minnesota. This road joins Cass County Road 18 east of Hickson, and <br />be paved and used Mr. Grindberg stated that he received an estimate of $80,000.00 to put a ll.;;" ,asphalt mat <br />as a truck route on County Road 18 at this location while the contractor is doing the Clay County side. <br />The project is on the Cass County Proposed Road Construction Program for 1985, <br />and Mr. Larson suggested moving the project ahead to 1984 with load limits on the <br />Cass County side in the meantime. <br /> <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded that a letter be written to Clay County <br />stating that Cass County's intentions would be to move the project ahead to 1984; but <br />in the meantime, there will be a weight limit of 73,280 pounds. After further discussion, <br />it was decided that Mr. Grindberg should negotiate with the contractor and also talk to <br />Clay County about this Board's intentions. The motion and second were withdrawn. <br /> <br />911 Emergency <br />Telephone No. <br />concept to be <br />disc. again <br /> <br />Mr. Larson suggested that the Chairman contact Dr. Leonard Levine and also officials <br />from the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company to appear before the Board next Tuesday <br />to further discuss the 911 Emergency Telephone Number system. The Cass County Commission <br />passed a motion on the date of January 18, 1983, approving the concept of the 911 <br />emergency number. <br /> <br />Public Defender <br />proposals recd. <br /> <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mr. Wieland seconded to receive and file until next Tuesday <br />the six proposals received from attorneys for the three positions of Public Defender <br />for Cass County Court cases. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Regarding terms expiring on various planning and zoning boards, Mr. Wieland asked <br />that some of the appointments be made today due to upcoming meetings of those boards. <br /> <br />Appt. of Jim Lee! <br />~o County Plann-II <br />lng Comm. to <br />replace Ralph : <br />Cameron & appt. II <br />of Roger Larsen <br />to West Fargo <br />Planning Comm. I <br /> <br />I <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mr. Wieland seconded to appoint Mr. Jim Lee to the Cass County <br />Planning Commission to complete the unexpired term of the late Ralph Cameron; to appoint <br />Roger Larsen, Rural Route 2, Fargo, to the West Fargo Planning and Zoning Commission from <br />within their one mile extra-territorial jurisdiction; and to appoint Douglas Seiler, <br />Rural Route 4, Fargo, to the City of Fargo Planning and Zoning Commission from within their <br />