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<br />Grant Award County CFDA No. 11.555 North Dakota Department of Emergency Services <br />No Cass Division of Homeland Security <br />99 PO Box 5511 - Dept. 512 <br />Grant Period Bismarck, ND 58506-5511 <br />From: 07/01/2008 Through: 03/31/2010 NOTICE OF GRANT AWARD <br />Title of Project/Program: DES Grant Code: <br />FY2007 Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant AOI84-001-2007-PSICQ <br />Subgrantee Name and Address: ND DHS Director: <br />Cass County Sheriffs Department Greg M. Wilz <br />PO Box 488 PO Box 5511 <br />Fargo, ND 58107 Bismarck, ND 58506-5511 <br />Subgrantee Contact Name Lt. Col. Glenn Ellingsberg Grantee Contact Name: Wayne Baron <br />Telephone: 7012415802 Telephone: 328-8100 <br />Financial Information Grant Amount 80% Subgrantee Share Required 20% Total Project Cost <br />Amount of Financial Assistance $120,670.78 $30,167.69 $150,838.47 <br />All Grant Award payments are processed upon receipt of expenditure reports unless otherwise specified in Special Conditions. <br />Scope of Service: Procure interoperable communications equipment as per jurisdictional PSIC communications spending plan <br />submitted to DES. <br />Reporting Requirements: Must submit a quarterly progress report on the following dates for the life of the grant. <br />October 15,2008 April 15, 2009 October 15,2009 <br />January 15, 2009 July 15, 2009 January 15,2010 <br />Reports can be found at: http://www.nd.goy/des/homeland/hsforms.html. <br /> Special Conditions: <br /> I. The recipient shall provide such information as may be requested by the Department of Commerce / DHS to ensure compliance <br /> with any applicable environmental laws and regulations. The recipient shall not undertake any construction project without the <br /> prior approval of the Department of Commerce, as required by the PSIC Grant Program Guidance and Application kit (revised <br /> August 16, 2007). The recipient is restricted from taking any action using federal funds, which would have an adverse affect on the <br /> environment or limit the choice of reasonable alternative prior to the Department of Commerce provide a NEPA decision regarding <br /> the action. Prohibited actions include, but are not limited to, demolition of existing building, site clearing, ground breaking, <br /> construction, and/or detailed design. The recipient may be requested to assist the Department of Commerce in drafting an <br /> environmental assessment; this includes providing sufficient evidence and analysis for determining whether an Environmental <br /> Impact Statement (EIS) or Finding of No Significant Impact is necessary. If an EIS is necessary, the recipient may be required to <br /> assist the Department of Commerce complete the EIS, should such a measure be deemed necessary. The recipient will also be <br /> required to cooperate with the Department of Commerce in identifYing and implementing feasible measures to reduce or avoid any <br /> identified adverse environmental impacts of is proposal. I <br /> I <br /> 2. Recipient will provide, trom non-Federal sources, not less than 20 percent of the costs of acquiring and deploying the interoperable <br /> communications equipment/systems funded under this award. <br />This award is subject to the terms and conditions incorporated either directly or by reference in the following: <br /> 1) Requirements for Grant A wards issued by ND Department of Emergency Services <br /> 2) Applicable Federal and State laws and regulations <br /> 3) FY2007 Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant <br />This contract is not effective until fully executed by both parties. I <br /> Evidence of Sube:rantee's Acceptance Evidence of DHS Approval <br /> ~/JJ!~ Date <br />Signature Date July 29, 2008 <br /> Signature <br />Typed Name and Title of Authorized Representative Typed Name and Title of Authorized Representative <br /> Greg M. Wilz <br /> Director <br /> <br />DEM Form G3, December 2003 <br />