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<br />CASSCOUNlY <br />GOVERNMENT <br />..I.. <br /> <br />Office of the Sheriff <br /> <br />Paul D. Laney, Sheriff <br /> <br />August 19, 2008 <br /> <br />RECEIVED <br /> <br />AlJ6 ,19 211 <br /> <br />Scott Wagner, Portfolio Commissioner <br />Cass County Commission <br />Cass County Courthouse <br />Fargo, ND 58103 <br /> <br />CASS COUNTY COMMISSION <br /> <br />Re: Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant (PSIC) <br />Action Requested <br /> <br />Commissioner Wagner: <br /> <br />I am very pleased to report that our office has been awarded a grant in the amount of$150,838.47 by <br />the U. S. Department of Commerce/Department of Homeland Security. The grant is to improve <br />interoperability in responding to emergencies. This grant does require a 20% local match of <br />$30,167.69 which would come from un-obligated funds designated for upgrading our mobile data <br />computer system. If you recall, our office was able to accomplish this at a significant reduction in cost <br />and so there are excess funds that would cover this grant match within this year's budget. A copy of <br />the grant award has been given to the States Attorney for review. <br /> <br />I would ask that the Commission accept this grant award. Should you have any questions; please <br />contact Lt. Colonel Ellingsberg of my office. <br /> <br />Sample Motion: <br /> <br />Move to approve the Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant (PSIC) in the amount of$150,838.47 <br />from the U. S. Department of commerce/Department of Homeland Security. <br /> <br />C~. <br /> <br /> <br />Paul D. Laney <br />Sheriff <br /> <br />Cass County Sheriff <br />2119 S1. S. <br />PO Box 488 <br />Fargo, NO 58107-0488 <br />Phone: 701-241-5800 <br />Fax: 701-241-5805 <br /> <br />Cass County Jail <br />450 34 S1. S. <br />Fargo, NO 58103-2229 <br />Phone: 701-271-2900 <br />Fax: 701-271-2967 <br /> <br />Cass County Detention <br />10193 Ave. S. <br />PO Box 2806 <br />Fargo, NO 58108-2806 <br />Phone: 701-241-5845 <br />Fax: 701-241-5938 <br />