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RECEIVED <br /> <br /> JAN 2 0 <br />North Dakota cass COUNTY COMMISSION <br /> <br />Division of Emergency anagement <br /> <br />Mr. Scott Wagner <br />Cass County Commission <br />c/o County Auditor <br />637 NP Avenue <br />Fargo,ND 58102 <br /> <br />December 22, 2003 <br /> <br /> JOHN HOEVEN <br /> GOVERNOR <br /> <br />Maj Gen MICHAEL J. HAUGEN <br /> ADJUTANT GENERAL <br /> <br /> DOUGLAS C. FRIEZ <br /> STATE DIRECTOR <br /> <br />Dear Commissioner Wagner: <br /> <br /> Your Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) federal fund allocation for fiscal year 2004 <br />(October 1, 2003 through September 30, 2004) is $38,967.00. This amount was reached based on the funding <br />formula, available funds and actual expenses in 2003, along with the budget information you provided. <br /> <br /> Enclosed is the 'Notice of Grant Award' with the scope of services, reporting requirements, special <br />conditions, and remarks that pertain to the grant. Also enclosed is a 'Budget Approval' form with a breakdown <br />of your allocation. The EMPG funds can only be used to provide direct match funding assistance for the county <br />emergency management pro,ram and must be matched on a 50-50 basis with non-federal cash resources. <br /> <br /> Also enclosed is a 'Requirements for Grant Awards' document. This document contains the conditions <br />applicable to funding received through Grant Awards issued by the North Dakota Division of Emergency <br />Management. <br /> <br /> If quarterly financial and progress reports are not submitted on time we reserve the right to withdraw <br />funding for that quarter. A 'Quarterly Financial Report Form' and 'Quarterly Financial Report Detail by <br />Category' sheet are enclosed for financial reporting purposes. Your emergency manager has been provided with <br />quarterly progress report forms. <br /> <br /> Changes to the grant allocation need to be pre-approved. A 'Project Change Request' form (enclosed) <br />will need to be submitted along with a narrative explaining the need for the change. If funding is available and <br />the program allows, we will make every effort to accommodate your request. <br /> <br /> For counties that have signed up for the Automated Clearing House (ACH), the Division of Emergency <br />Management will process your payments electronically, provide you with a copy of the quarterly report and the <br />date the funds were transferred to your account. If your county has not yet signed up for the ACH and would <br />like to do so, please contact Ross Mushik at 1-800-773-3259 for the form necessary to start the process. <br /> <br /> If you wish to accept this grant award please sign and return the Notice of Grant Award, Budget <br />Approval, and Requirements for Grant Awards. Please be sure to keep a copy of the signed forms for your <br />records. <br /> <br /> If you have any questions, please contact Debbie LaCombe at 1-800-773-3259 or your county <br />emergency manager. <br /> <br />Sincerel':, <br /> <br />Doug <br />State Director <br /> <br />DCF:DL/rh <br />Enclosures <br />CC:County Emergency Manager <br /> <br />PO Box 5511 · Bismarck, North Dakota 58506-5511 <br /> <br />701-328-8100 · Fax 701-328-8181 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />