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<br />Nay, 5. 2004 10:55AM <br />ëA 55 CO I.JI\FìY <br />GOVERNMENT <br />..¡.. <br /> <br />Highway <br />Department <br /> <br />Keith D. Berndt, rE. <br />County Hn¡.,'Ím',er <br /> <br />Rkh¡mI S. SjL:~ <br />Superìnrendenr <br /> <br />Thomas B. Soucy! RE. <br />Design and COJt~truction <br />Supervisor <br /> <br />1201 West Mcún Avenue <br />P.O. Box 698 <br />West Fargo. North Dakota <br />50078,0698 <br /> <br />701-298,2370 <br />Pax 701,298,2'9'1 <br /> <br />Cass County HighwaY Dept. <br /> <br />No.3576 <br /> <br />p. 1 <br /> <br />MEMORANDUM <br /> <br />TO: <br /> <br />CaBS County Commission <br /> <br />Keith Berndt, Cass County Engineer -y:ß <br /> <br />FROM: <br /> <br />DATE: <br /> <br />,November 5, 2004 <br /> <br />S1JBJECT: <br /> <br />Agenda Topic for November 15, 2004 Meeting: <br />Return of Flood IIazard Mitigatìon Funds <br /> <br />Summary: <br />I recommend that the County Commission notify the North Dakota Division <br />of Emergency Management that approximately $2mi11ion in hazard <br />mitigation grant funds designated for the CO1.ll1ty g¡-eenway initiative ean not <br />be gpent as previously planned. <br /> <br />^ representative of the North Dakota Division of Emergency Management <br />has agreed to attend the meeting to assist with questions you might have. <br /> <br />Background: <br />In 1998 Cass County applied for FEMA hazard mitigation grant runds to <br />acquire flood prone property adjaccnt to the Red and Wild Rice Rivers <br />south of Fargo. The ob.icctive was to create a pub He greenway that would <br />provide a wide variety of public benefits in addition to Hood mitigation. <br /> <br />Following several years of lobbying ror the prqject, a grant totaling about <br />$2 million dollars was approved Ül 2002. The grant had some fairly <br />restrictive, but workable criteria. <br /> <br />In dlc months and years following the 2002 grant approval, considerable <br />effort was expended meeting with landowners and appraising properties or <br />interested owners. A sales agreement was reached with the owners of the <br />fIrSt priority property. The proposed acquisition included in t:xcess of200 <br />acres and was valued at over $1 million. <br /> <br />Following numerous discussions and meetings with FEMA officials, FEMA <br />denied the request to proceed with the acquisitions. In January of2004, tht: <br />FEMA Region 8 director issued a letter in response to an inquiry from <br />Scnator Dorgan. The letter conveyed a very significant change in FEMA's <br />potiey regarding the acquisitions. A new constraint was added which <br />essential1y made further acquisitions ÌInpractieaJ. <br />