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Minutes--April 4, 1989 216 <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />APRIL 4, 1989 <br /> <br />1.MEETING TO ORDER <br />Chairman Don Eckert called the meeting to order with all members <br />present as follows: Oscar Sondrall, Alon Wieland, Don Eckert, Sharon <br />"Pepper" Toussaint, and Gene Shannon. <br /> <br />2.MINUTES APPROVED <br /> MOTION, passed <br /> Mr. Shannon moved and Mr. 8ondrall seconded that <br /> the minutes of the previous meeting be approved <br /> as written. Motion carried. <br /> <br />3.VSO, Letter of commendation MOTION, passed <br /> Mr. Shannon moved and Mr. Wieland seconded that <br /> the Chairman send a letter of commendation to <br /> John Meyer, Cass County Veterans Service Officer, <br /> recognizing him for his dedication to the <br /> community's veterans, and especially for his work <br /> in the March 18th dedication ceremonies of the <br /> Sergeant David F. Johnson Armed Forces Reserve <br /> Center in Fargo. The County Commission received <br /> a letter from Major Robert O. Black recognizing <br /> John Meyer's extensive knowledge of local <br /> Veteran's organizations. Motion carried. <br /> <br />4. SOCIAL SERVICES, Office space <br />Tom .)ensen, County Social Services Director, was present along with <br />George Griffeth representing the office space committee of the County <br />Social Services Board. Mr. Jensen referred to a letter which he <br />addressed to the Commission dated March 22, 1989, identifying office <br />space needs. Mrs. Toussaint asked if he had any specific <br />recommendation for a solution to the space problem, and Mr. Jensen <br />stated that he understands there had been talk of a new jail facility <br />to include space for the Sheriff's Department, thus freeing up the <br />third floor of the South Wing for Social Services. He also stated <br />that if the property south of the Courthouse were to become available <br />and the heating unit replaced, that would be seen as viable space <br />that could meet the needs of Social. Services until the County <br />completed its more long-term space plans. <br /> <br />bits. Toussaint asked about the possibility of using the Social <br />Services I,ibrary or Board room and using the County Commission Room <br />when necessary for overflow, and Mr. Jensen stated that tying up the <br />Library with individual offices would not be desirable because of the <br />resource materials being located there. <br /> <br />blr. Wieland stated that he feels the Social Services Board Room could <br />be subdivided into approximately 8 smaller offices by using portable <br />office systems. He further suggested using the Social Services <br /> <br /> <br />