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6301 <br />County Home Rule <br />disc. <br />Cthse. remodeling- <br />Arch. to draft adv. <br />for north addn. <br />Cthse. lunch area- <br />wicker chairs to be <br />sold <br />Dist. Court law <br />library- -book cases <br />to be purchased <br />Elevators in Co. <br />bldgs.- -disc. on <br />rnaint. contracts <br />Employee benefits <br />court recording data <br />furnished by Adm. <br />Asst. <br />Voting precincts <br />to be combined for <br />next election <br />Corres. on court <br />recording <br />ND Cent. Commission <br />disc. <br />Nome Inter -Comm. <br />Telephone Co. <br />granted util. permit <br />Midland Garage Door <br />Mfg. granted utility <br />permit <br />City Pothole Funds- <br />North River auth. to <br />accumulate funds <br />ATTEST: <br />PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF CASS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA <br />KNIGHT LP.. o. 22fmrL <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />MARCH 25, 1986 <br />Chairman Alon Wieland called the meeting to order and upon roll call, all members were present. <br />Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved <br />as written. Motion carried. <br />Discussion was held on appointing a committee to study the feasibility of County home rule, and the <br />Chairman asked each Commissioner to submit a name in the next week or two for representation on the <br />feasibility committee. The committee niay then be expanded to include people with knowledge in specific <br />categories. <br />Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Eckert seconded to direct Architects Clark Holman and Moorhead to draft <br />an advertisement for bids for remodeling the first and second floors of the Courthouse North Wing, bids <br />to be opened on April 29, 1986, at 10:00 A.M. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Mr. Sondrall moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded that the Commission authorize the sale of 20 wicker <br />chairs, which were discarded from the Courthouse lunchroom area, at a cost of $50.00 each to a local <br />design company. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Mr. Eckert moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the Commission authorize the purchase of bookcases <br />for the District Court law library from Rough Rider Industries at a total cost of $5,160.00. On roll <br />call vote, the notion carried unanimously. <br />Discussion was held on maintenance of the elevators in County buildings. Administrative Assistant <br />Scott Krueger was requested to find out whether the County's existing contract will be honored until such <br />time as the elevator is installed in the South Wing construction project. <br />Information was provided by Scott Krueger on average employee benefits, as requested by some <br />members of the Commission. Also included was an updated list of cost comparisons of the electronic <br />recording equipment vs. court reporters. Commissioner Larson stated that he met with County Court Judge <br />Donald Cooke last week, and they will be meeting again this week. <br />Commissioner Eckert and County Auditor Ordelle Brua have been working with townships on combining <br />rural voting precincts. Mr. Eckert moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded to combine the following townships <br />for voting purposes for Federal, State and County Elections: Rush River Township with the City of <br />Amenia; Maple River Township and Walburg Township; Gill Township, Howes Township and the Village of <br />Embden to vote in Embden. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Mrs. Stanton reported on a copy of a letter addressed to Attorney Robert Feder from the Ransom and <br />Sargent County Courts disagreeing with some of his opinions on court recording equipment, as expressed at <br />the March 18th County Commission meeting. <br />Mr. Sondrall reported that Cass County should appoint a committee for the North Dakota Centennial <br />Commission, and the matter was placed on the agenda for next week. <br />Upon the recommendation of County Engineer Don Richards, Mr. Eckert moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded <br />to grant a utility permit on County Road 38 to the Nome Inter Community Telephone Company. On roll call <br />vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Upon the recommendation of the County Engineer, Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Larson seconded to grant <br />a utility permit along County Road 10 to install a 2" sanitary sewer force main for the Midland Garage <br />Door Manufacturing Company. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Mr. Eckert moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the City of North River be authorized to accumulate <br />their 1986 City Pothole and Street Repair Funds in the amount of $236.00. On roll call vote, the motion <br />carried unanimously. <br />On. motion by Mr. Sondrall and seconded by Mrs. Stanton, the meeting was adjourned. <br />APPROVED: <br />Cen7- <br />Ordelle Brua County Auditor Alon Wieland, Chairman <br />Cass County, North Dakota Cass County Board of Commissioners <br />