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Abate. for Darrel <br />Miller partially <br />approved <br />1985 Salary Plan <br />for Soc. Services <br />employees disc. <br />Salary Review Comm- <br />Soc. Services to be <br />represented if they <br />so wish <br />ese,tf`A 1 V $t <br />Soc. Serv. Director <br />does not need Comm. <br />approval on staff <br />replacement <br />Telephone system <br />discussed <br />Telephones switch <br />at Annex to be <br />purchased <br />1985 Salary Plan for <br />Co. Dept. Heads <br />Salary increase for <br />Adm. Asst. and Judge <br />Rothe <br />Salary Review Comm- <br />Mr. Wieland apptd. <br />Bridge replacement <br />in Casselton Twp. <br />Co. Eng- -disc. on <br />procedure to hire <br />Cthse. employees <br />present petition on <br />use of parking lot <br />PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF CASS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />FEBRUARY 5, 1985 <br />Chairman Ray Larson called the meeting to order and upon roll call, all members were present. <br />Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Eckert seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as <br />written. Motion carried. <br />Regarding the Application for Abatement and Settlement of Taxes for Darrel R. Miller, which was <br />postponed from January 15, 1985, Mr. Eckert moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded to accept the final <br />recommendation of the County Director of Tax Equalization to reduce the total value from $863,200 to <br />$100,520. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Discussion was held with Tom Jensen on the 1985 salary plan for Social Services employees. The <br />Commission approved a dollar amount in the 1985 budget for salary increases for the Social Services <br />employees, and it was agreed today that the County Social Services Board should determine the individual <br />salary increases according to the guidelines of the State Merit System. <br />Chairman Larson stated that a question was brought up that the Social Services employees are not <br />represented on the Salary Review Committee. Mr. Wieland suggested that Tom Jensen contact the Social <br />Services employees that would be interested in serving on this committee, and then submit one or two <br />names to the Commission. <br />Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded that the Cass County Social Services Director, with <br />the approval of the County Social Services Board, be given authority to hire staff replacement without <br />County Commission approval. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />The Commission has been considering the purchase of a telephone system for the County. Much <br />investigation has been made in the past several weeks with representatives of the companies who submitted <br />proposals, and discussion continued today with the idea of reaching a decision. Motion was made by <br />Mr. Wieland and seconded by Mr. Eckert for discussion that Cass County purchase telephones and its own <br />switch, the switch to be purchased from one of the three vendors that submitted proposals; and that the <br />telephones and other necessary hardware be acquired as the County Commissioners deem necessary to make <br />this a total operational telephone communications system. Upon roll call vote, the motion failed with <br />Mrs. Stanton voting "Pass" due to a conflict of interest; Mr. Wieland and Mr. Larson voting "Aye <br />Mr. Eckert and Mr. Sondrall voting "No <br />Mr. Eckert then moved that the County Commission look into the purchase of our own telephones. The <br />motion was seconded by Mr. Sondrall and discussion followed. Upon roll call vote, the motion carried <br />unanimously. Mr. Wieland asked to reserve the right to bring back the issue on purchasing the switch at <br />a later date since that motion ended in a tie vote; and the Commission was in agreement. <br />Mrs. Stanton moved and Mr. Eckert seconded to purchase the telephones and switch at the Cass County <br />Social Services Office, not to exceed $16,000.00; and that the bill be paid from the County Social <br />Services budget. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Regarding a 1985 salary plan for County Department Heads, Mr. Wieland moved and Mrs. Stanton <br />seconded to incorporate a study of the Department Heads' salaries with the exception of the salary of the <br />Administrative Assistant which shall be raised to $23,800.00 effective January 1, 1985; and with the <br />exception of the salary of County Court Judge Cynthia Rothe which shall be raised to $47,540.00 effective <br />January 1, 1985. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />Mr. Eckert moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded to appoint Mr. Wieland to represent the Commission on <br />the Salary Review Committee for 1985. On roll call vote, the motion carried unanimously. Mrs. Stanton <br />asked that all Commissioners be informed of meeting times. <br />Mr. Sondrall moved and Mrs. Stanton seconded that the Chairman be authorized to sign the request <br />for Federal Aid on the bridge replacement project between Sections 18 -19, Casselton Township. On roll <br />call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br />The Commission asked Scott Krueger, Administrative Assistant, to investigate a procedure to be <br />followed for seeking applications for a County Engineer. <br />A petition containing 51 signatures was received from Courthouse employees requesting that the <br />2 -hour parking limit in the lot to the north of the County Jail be discontinued at least during the <br />winter months because of recent sub zero temperatures and wind chills. Janice Becker appeared before the <br />Commission representing the County employees. She cited reasons being the difficulty in crossing Tenth I <br />Street at Second Avenue due to heavy traffic before 8:00 A.M., the north parking lot is not fully <br />occupied, and because there is public street parking on three sides of the Courthouse and Jail. <br />Mrs. Stanton felt that the County does have an unfair system of parking around the Courthouse. <br />Sheriff Don Rudnick was present and stated that the Commission must provide for enforcement if they are <br />going to make parking rules. Mr. Wieland stated that one of the two parking lots on the Courthouse <br />property should be strictly for public use even if it is not fully occupied. Mr. Larson suggested <br />considering what the parking problems will be one year from now with the proposed south addition, and he <br />requested Mr. Wieland to re-evaluate the parking situation. The matter was referred to the Salary Review <br />Committee. <br />