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<br />)!~ <br />-\\~ ~Y\r\: <br /> <br />Tuesday, July 20,2004 <br /> <br />Honorable Board of Cass County Commissioners <br />Post Office Box 2806 <br />Fargo, North Dakota 58108 <br /> <br />Dear Cass County Commissioners: <br /> <br />We respectfully request a Special Event Permit to serve alcoholic beverages at <br />Bonanzaville for the International Sunflower Association. <br /> <br />MONDAY AUGUST 30, 2004 <br />For approximately 300-400 people. <br /> <br />ND LIQUOR LICENSE #ABH-2 <br /> <br />They will be hosting a social from 6:00 PM to 11 :00 PM. <br /> <br />Enclosed is a check for $25.00 <br /> <br />Thank you for your time and consideration. <br /> <br />Sinc=l~, tJ ' <br /> <br />h~l,t( ~{mlV\ <br />Nanci Raumin <br />Convention Director <br />Holiday Inn of Fargo <br /> <br />SUGGESTED MOTION: <br />Move to approve a special event permit for the Holiday Inn of Fargo, to cater an event for the <br />International Sunflower Association at Bonanzaville, U,S.A., on August 30,2004, from 6:00 PM to <br />11:00 PM. <br /> <br />An Award Winning <br />~., <br />*~ ~YU\; <br /> <br />Telephone <br />701-282-2700 <br /> <br />Facsimile <br />701-281-1240 <br /> <br />3803 -13th Ave. 8. <br />P.O. Box 9555 <br />Fargo, North Dakota 58106 <br /> <br />Independently owned and operated by Wold Properties Inc. <br />