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<br /> COG I COOP PLANNING COMPONENT <br />D Objectives: <br /> Continuum of Government - Continuity of Operations (COG/COOP) planning is an <br /> effort to assure that the capability exists to continue essential agency functions <br /> throughout any potential emergency. The objectives of COG/COOP operations <br /> activity include: <br /> . Ensuring the continuous performance of an agency or department's <br /> essential functions/operations during an emergency <br /> . Protecting essential facilities, equipment, records, and other assets <br /> . Reducing or mitigating disruptions to operations <br /> . Reducing loss of life, minimizing damage and losses, and <br /> . Achieving a timely and orderly recovery from an emergency and <br /> resumption of full service to customers. <br />D Planning Considerations: <br /> The plan must be based on "WORST CASE SENARIO" which would include <br /> unavailability or inaccessibility of an agencies facility or building complex and all of its <br /> contents. <br /> In accordance with federal guidance, COG/COOP plans <br /> . Must be maintained at a high level of readiness <br /> . Must be capable of implementation, both with and without <br /> warning <br /> . Must be operational no later than 12 hours after activation <br /> . Must maintain sustained operations for up to 30 days, and <br /> . Should take maximum advantage of existing agency field <br /> infrastructures. <br /> Continued on next page......... <br />