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<br />,~ <br /> <br />January 27,2004 <br /> <br />I Rf:'f'\E'In:n.... <br />, ~...v IlfL:Ll <br />""lH~^ p"""1 '/" ' <br />VrtQv . '!J iIJTvAl.1"nr.,r;,n..n... <br />~ ,I <br /> <br />~m71j:,!~~B2{J il?(!iH("., H~'.!,:t,f'.' <br />I . . '."'f,L' .,J' "1 <br />I <br />I <br />! <br /> <br />B & H Investments. LLP <br />2693 Meadow Creek Circle <br />Fargo ND 58104 <br />701-298-3237 <br />701-371-4109 <br /> <br />Deena Hopson <br />4 - Briarwood Place <br />Fargo ND 58104 <br /> <br />Deena: <br /> <br />, <br />! <br />i <br />Enclosed are copies of the information you requested. Also enclosed is a copy of the! assessment of a <br />building in the subdivision west of ours, with the largest building in that subdivision, ~d lot size in that <br />area, (building and Jot are larger then ours), property address of 6109 - S. W~ 53rdAtenue, located v.. ofa <br />mUe west of our property. This property is in the range of taxes that I indicated in; tM property price <br />comparison 6ri the worksheet I gave to you earlier. As you can see by the taxes. ourslare over twice what <br />their taxes are, again confuming the amount of taxes that 1 indicated on that work$e+t comparison elf Lot 5 <br />Block 2 of Autsin's Subdivision, and lot 2 block 1 o,fDakota Plaza subdivision that I provided to you at the <br />buildmg. i <br />I <br /> <br />All that I a.."l1 requesting is a fair and true value of our property through surrounding Jo~rty v.alue~,and <br />taxing. From all the infonnanon provided it is quite noticeable that there has been bi~y unfair, inflated, <br />and discriminatory values of our properties. I <br />I <br />I <br />Lastly, by achieving this fair value, we can bot.h avoid any future involv.ement of ~tiona1agencies and <br />legal costs to further investigate why and how these Cl.l1'1'.ent high values were asselise~ to our proper!:'J. <br />I <br />I believe together, we can work this out and come to an agreeable value and tax a.t13o~nt. Also, I would like <br />to thank you for your cooperation in handling t~is matter. If you have any further qu~stions, please contact <br />me at one of the above numbers. ! <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />Please Lax a copy of the amended Real Estate Assessment to 701-298-3222 at your eirUest convenience. <br />We would like this information so that we can pay our ta.'Xes in full before the Febnua.p 15th deadIille. <br /> <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />Phil L. Buhr <br />Partner, B & H Investments, LLP <br />