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<br />CASS COUNIY <br />GOVERNMENT <br />..I.. To: <br /> <br /> From: <br />County <br />Coordinator Date: <br />Bonnie Johnson Re: <br /> <br />MEMO <br /> <br />County Commissioners <br /> <br />Bonnie Johnson <br /> <br />June 24, 2004 <br /> <br />New Cass County Ordinances <br /> <br />------------------------------------------------------------ <br /> <br />From time to time, the Cities of Fargo and West Fargo adopt an <br />ordinance dealing with a health or safety issue that they bring to the county for <br />consideration. When we adopt the same ordinance, it effectively eliminates <br />the "sprawl" of unregulated health or safety problems beyond the cities <br />jurisdiction. <br /> <br />Both Fargo and West Fargo have recently adopted two ordinances that <br />regulate public swimming pools and body art establishments. I am enclosing a <br />memo received today from the Fargo Cass Board of Health. <br /> <br />If the Board decides to move forward with similar ordinances, I would <br />ask that you vote to have the state's attorney obtain both ordinances from the <br />City of Fargo or West Fargo, draft the ordinance and have the first reading on <br />August 2nd. Publication would follow, and the second reading would be set in <br />early September. <br /> <br />Commissioner Vern Bennett is the county's representative on the Board <br />of Health. In my absence, I would suggest any questions be referred to <br />Commissioner Bennett. <br /> <br />SUGGESTED MOTION: <br />Move that the State's Attorney draft ordinances similar to the cities of Fargo <br />and West Fargo regulating public swimming pools and body art <br />establishments, and to schedule the ordinances for first reading on August 2, <br />2004. <br /> <br />Box 2806 cc <br />211 Ninth Street South <br />Fargo, North Dakota 58108 <br /> <br />Mary Kay Hermann <br />Birch Burdick (with original attachments from Fargo Cass Public Health) <br /> <br />701-241-5720 <br />Fax; 701-297-6020 <br /> <br />K:\BJ\ORDINANCES-HEAL TH 7-6-04.doc <br />