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<br />MaY,28. 2004 12:14PM <br /> <br />Cass County HighwaY Dept, <br /> <br />No.0510 <br /> <br />p. 2 <br /> <br />MEMORANDUM <br /> <br />DATE: <br /> <br />May 28, 2004 <br /> <br />TO: <br /> <br />Keith Berndt <br />County Engineer <br /> <br />FROM: <br /> <br />Rich Sieg ~ <br /> <br />SUBJECT: <br /> <br />2004 Budget Item Purchase <br /> <br />As part of the 2004 we budgeted tt)r a roller attachment for use with our motor graders. This piece <br />of equipment win be attached to the back of the grc1der in order to compact gravel roads or shoulders <br />in one operation. This would eliminate the need for using a roUer pulled behind a tr&':tor in some <br />cases, and also al1owthe use of a roller at tin"les when a separate roller is not availablc. Quotes were <br />received from two vendors, 1 Contractors SnJutions ofBl1Iings, MT and Diamond Mowen; of Sioux <br />Falls, SO. Allhough the quote from Diamond Mowers is lower, their roller can only he used on a <br />motor grader with a factory installed ripper attacJuncnt. Of our 7 motor graders, onJy one ha.'J a <br />ripper, limiting the use to only one machine. The WaJk n Roll from 1 Contractors SoJutions has a <br />hydraulic Jill assembly that will attach to the rear of a motor grader not equipped with a ripper, <br />aHowing the use on those machines, and also has a quick attach íèature so it can also be attached to <br />our machine with the ripper. 1ñis would sHow LL"Je of tlle roller on. any of our motor gradcr~. 1 <br />would recommend that the Walk n Roll from 1 Contractors Solutions be purchased due to it'! ability <br />to be used on more than one motor grader, thw; giving us more flexibility of use. <br /> <br />cc: <br /> <br />RogeT Mertes <br />