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<br />e{V';'fiDSU <br />Cl"A'-I EXTENSION <br />Iì8iiiiíI" ~ SERVICE <br /> <br />NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY <br /> <br />Tel. 701.241.5700 <br />Fax 701.241.5935 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />RECEIVED <br />MAY 2 6 2004 <br /> <br />Cass County <br /> <br />1010 2nd Avenue South <br />P.O. Box 2806 <br />Fargo, NO 58108-2806 <br /> <br />CASS COUNT Y COMMISSION <br /> <br />May 24, 2004 <br /> <br />To: <br /> <br />Cass County Commission <br />1 C ::Â <br />Rebecca Berge-Buss Iv¡} ¡tL.t~ tL á¿A ttïi1JlMA- <br />Cass County Extension ~t/Parent Resources êenter Coordinator <br /> <br />Brad Cogdill ~ W~ <br />Cass County Extension Agent/Chair <br /> <br />From: <br /> <br />Re: <br /> <br />Grant proposal submission <br /> <br />Attached is a copy of a grant application to support the continued funding of the <br />Parenting Resources Center program. The funder is Region 5 Children's Services <br />Coordinating Committee (CSCC)/Dakota Medical Foundation. Region 5 CSCC has <br />funded the parenting education program since its beginning. <br /> <br />This proposal is asking for $10,000 in financial support, which is the most we can <br />request. We will be seeking other grant funds to support the remainder of the costs for <br />operating the program. We will share information about those options/applications as <br />they come available. This proposal is for funding from July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005. <br /> <br />If this proposal is approved for funding, we will access the Cass County Commission <br />agenda for your final approval. <br /> <br />If you have questions, please contact us. <br /> <br />CASS CDUNIY <br />GOVERNMENT <br />/'. <br /> <br />-/ <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />County Commissions, North Dakota State University and U.S. Department of Agriculture Cooperating <br />NDSU is an equal opportunity institution <br />