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<br />Page 1 of 1 <br /> <br />Worden, Heather M. <br /> <br />From: Berndt, Keith D. <br />Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 20048:56 AM <br />To: {Cass}-Commissioners; Worden, Heather M. <br />Cc: Johnson, Bonnie 0.; Balint, Angela <br />Subject: Options for Vector Space <br /> <br />Commissioners, <br /> <br />Following the last Commission Meeting, I was asked to provide additional options for the Vector Space meeting <br />the Vector Space requirements instead of the approximately $15,000 for a doublewide office trailer. Here are <br />some additional options: <br /> <br />1. Original Recommendations: Doublewide Office trailer with bathroom $15,000 <br />We've located one that would be available in mid may, others would be early June <br /> <br />2. Singlewide officer trailer with bathroom <br />Available mid May <br /> <br />$5,000 - $,6,000 <br /> <br />3. Portable Class room from West Fargo Schools. Thanks to a lead from Commissioner Vanyo, we've become <br />aware that the West Fargo School District has a portable class room that they would give us if we move it. As <br />of this writing we have not received a cost for moving it, but I would estimate we could get it moved for a couple <br />of thousand dollars. There would be some minor work we would likely do ourselves to make it more usable. The <br />disadvantage of this is that it is not available until early June and is an open area with no restroom or office <br /> <br />space. <br /> <br />If we use the portable classroom, I would envision using the Weed Building restroom facilities. This assumes the <br />Weed Board is agreeable to this arrangement. <br /> <br />'fi::eitIe ~e-zdt <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />phone - 701.298.2372 <br />fax - 701.297.6096 <br /> <br />4/2712004 <br />