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<br />CASSCOUNlY <br />GOVERNMENT <br /> <br /> <br />Board of County <br />Commissioners <br /> <br />Scott Wagner <br />Fargo, North Dakota <br /> <br />Vem Bennett <br />Fargo, North Dakota <br /> <br />Ken Pawluk <br />Fargo, North Dakota <br /> <br />Darrell W Vanyo <br />West Fargo, North Dakota <br /> <br />Robyn Sorum <br />Horace, North Dakota <br /> <br />Heather Worden <br />Commission Assistant <br /> <br />Box 2806 <br />211 Ninth Street South <br />Fargo, North Dakota 58108 <br /> <br />701-241-5609 <br />Fax 701-241-5728 <br /> <br /> <br />MEMO <br /> <br />TO: Cass County Commission <br /> <br />FROM: <br /> <br />Scott Wagner, Chairman <br />Building Committee <br /> <br />DATE: <br /> <br />August 26, 2008 <br />COURTHOUSE THIRD FLOOR RE-USE <br /> <br />SUBJECT: <br /> <br />The minutes are attached from the last Building Committee meeting held August 20, <br />2008. The committee has reviewed the recommendations of Dennis Kimme of <br />Kimme & Associates and received input from departments. They also considered <br />two cost estimates to fit up space on the third floor and also attached is pricing and <br />a layout of the third floor from Christianson's Business Fumiture for your review. <br /> <br />SUGGESTED MOTION: <br />Move to approve the actions of the Building Committee to allocate space on the third <br />floor between the State's Attorney Office, Veterans Service Office and Clerk of Court <br />for filing space; and to authorize the County Administrator to move forward with <br />Christianson's Business Furniture to fit up the space on the third floor. Costs for the <br />fit-up will come from available funding in the respective 2008 office budgets and the <br />Cass County Building Fund. <br /> <br />K:\Wagner\BUILDING COMM MEMO 8-26-08.doc <br />