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<br />CASSCOUNlY <br />GOVERNMENT <br />..I.. <br /> <br />Auditor <br /> <br />Michael Montplaisir, CPA <br />701-241-5601 <br /> <br />Treasurer <br /> <br />Charlotte Sandvik <br />701-241-5611 <br /> <br />Director of <br />Equalization <br /> <br />Frank Klein <br />701-241-5616 <br /> <br />Box 2806 <br />211 Ninth Street South <br />Fargo, North Dakota 58103 <br /> <br />Fax 701-241-5728 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />August 21, 2008 <br /> <br />Cass County Board of Commissioners <br />Cass County Courthouse <br />211 9th Street South <br />Fargo ND 58103 <br /> <br />RE: 911 FEE ALLOCATION <br /> <br />Dear Commissioners: <br /> <br />The State Auditor's Office has conducted a follow up audit on how counties and cities <br />use 911 funds. If you recall a few years ago, the state did an audit on 911 funds and <br />had some concerns on use of the funds generated by the fees. In response, the North <br />Dakota State Legislature changed some of the laws regarding 911 funds and <br />authorized a committee to set some guidelines on the use of funds. The Emergency <br />Services Communications Coordinating (ESCC) Committee established some guidelines <br />and I believe our use of the 911 funds complies with the guidelines. <br /> <br />In discussions with the State Auditor's Office, one of the things they recommend is the <br />county establish the percentage of joint dispatch center costs eligible to be paid from <br />911 fees. The accompanying resolution provides the background, the determining <br />factors, and the percentage of the Red River Regional Dispatch Center costs which are <br />eligible 911 Fund costs. <br /> <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />~~~ <br /> <br />Michael Montplaisir <br />Cass County Auditor <br /> <br />SUGGESTED MOTION: <br />Move to approve Resolution #2008-12, setting the eligible costs of the Red River <br />Regional Dispatch Center at 100%. <br />