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<br />CASS COUNTY <br />COMMISSION POLICY MANUAL <br /> <br />29.00 <br /> <br />SUBJECT: CONTRACTS <br /> <br />ADOPTED DATE: OCTOBER 2, 2000 <br /> <br />PAGE 1 OF 1 <br /> <br />All contracts which bind Cass County must contain the signature of the <br />commission chairman. Prior to being placed on the commission agenda, <br />the department head should forward the contract to the state's attorney <br />for review. <br /> <br />A standardized form may be used when presenting contracts to the <br />commission for approval as follows: <br /> <br />COMPANY REQUESTING CONTRACT: All-Terrain Grounds Maintenance <br /> <br />DATE OF REQUEST: 3/11/2008 <br /> <br />DATE OF EXPECTED RETURN <br />TO THE COMMISSION OFFICE: <br /> <br />?J-l1-(fi <br />4!')/20o-tJ <br /> <br />DEPARTMENT HEAD RECOMMENDING SIGNATURE: Bonnie Johnson <br /> <br />STATE'S ATTORNEY SIGNATURE: <br /> <br />STATE'S ATTORNEY COMMENTS: <br /> <br />CHAIRMAN TO SIGN ORIGINAL AGREEMENT <br /> <br />Contracts shall be on a calendar-year basis, whenever possible. <br /> <br />As a part of the consent agenda for each regular commission meeting, <br />the subject of "Contracts" will be automatically included. Therefore, <br />departments may submit contracts for board approval up to the day of <br />each commission meeting. Contract approval will be subject to state=s <br />attorney review within five days after being approved by the county <br />commission. <br />