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<br />---~ <br /> <br />rcASS couNTY <br />iGOVERNMENT <br />..1..' <br />n________. ....J <br /> <br />Office of the Sheriff <br /> <br />Paul D. Laney, Sheriff <br /> <br />February 22, 2008 <br /> <br />RECEIVED <br />FEB 2 2 2008 <br /> <br />Scott Wagner, Portfolio Commissioner <br />Cass County Commission <br />Cass County Courthouse <br />Fargo, ND 58103 <br /> <br />CAS8 COUNTY COMMJSSK>N <br /> <br />Commissioner Wagner: <br /> <br />I have attached a lease agreement with Northwestern College for tower rental for our Sheriffs <br />Office mobile radio system. The lease agreement replaces our current lease and allows our office <br />to add additional radio equipment that will continue with our upgrade to the new integrated system <br />with other emergency responders. A copy of this lease has been submitted to the States Attorney <br />for his review. <br /> <br />Funds were approved in our 2008 budget to cover the cost ofthis lease. <br /> <br />Sample Motion: <br /> <br />Move to authorize the chair to sign the lease agreement with Northwestern College for <br />rental of tower space for the Cass County Sheriff's mobile radio system. <br /> <br />ReSP9?~~ <br /> <br />Major Glenn D. Ellingsberg <br />Chief Deputy <br /> <br />Cass County Sheriff <br />211 9 S1. S. <br />PO Box 488 <br />Fargo, NO 58107-0488 <br />Phone: 701-241-5800 <br />Fax: 701-241-5805 <br /> <br />Cass County Jail <br />45034 S1. S. <br />Fargo, NO 58103-2229 <br />Phone: 701-271-2900 <br />Fax: 701-271-2967 <br /> <br />Cass County Detention <br />10193 Ave. S. <br />PO Box 2806 <br />Fargo, NO 58108-2806 <br />Phone: 701-241-5845 <br />Fax: 701-241-5938 <br />