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<br /> <br />RECEIVED <br />IJAN 28 2008 <br /> <br />North Dakota Recorders Information Network <br /> <br />CA88 COUNTY COMMISSION <br /> <br />January 17, 2008 <br /> <br />Scott Wagner <br />Chairman, Cass County Commission <br />P.O. Box 2806 <br />Fargo, ND 58108-2806 <br /> <br />Dear Mr. Wagner: <br /> <br />On behalf of the North Dakota Recorders Information Network (NDRIN) board I'm writing to <br />ask the Cass County Commission to consider making a budget adjustment to the 2008 NDRIN <br />budget. <br /> <br />The "Document Preservation Fee" that was enacted during the 2001 North Dakota Legislative <br />session is the primary method of funding for the NDRIN project. During the 2005 North Dakota <br />Legislative Session SB-2024 was passed and signed by the Governor. This bill removed the <br />"sunset" clause from the "Document Preservation Fee". The passage ofSB-2024 helped insure <br />the continued success and long-term funding of the NDRIN project. <br /> <br />The NDRIN project has been more successful then anyone ever thought possible. Currently there <br />are forty-three (43) NDRIN members and two hundred seventy five (275) NDRIN subscribers <br />using the NDRIN system every day. Since its inception the NDRIN project has be entirely self <br />funded and, in fact, has built up a substantial reserve. Therefore, at the most recent NDRIN <br />board meeting held in Bismarck on December 13, 2007 the NDRIN Board voted to refund <br />$125,000 ofNDRIN reserves to the NDRIN members. However, the NDRIN Board wanted to <br />get approval from the Cass County Commission to spend funds that were not originally included <br />in the 2008 budget. <br /> <br />We would ask that the Cass County Commission approve increasing the 2008 NDRIN budget by <br />$125,000 and authorize the County Auditor to issue checks to the County Recorders of each of <br />the Counties listed on the attached document. <br /> <br />If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact me at (701) 271- <br />1555. <br /> <br />Sincerely, <br /> <br />9vtic/iae{ Steiner <br /> <br />Michael Steiner <br />NDRIN Project Manager <br /> <br />Suggested Motion: Amend the 2008 NDRIN budget by increasing the "Central Repository" <br />line item by $125,000 and authorize the County Auditor to issue the NDRIN refund checks to the <br />County Recorders. <br />