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<br />Commission Minutes-February 4,2008 3318 <br /> <br />6. RED RIVER VALLEY FAIR UPDATE <br />Brad Cogdill, Extension Agent, was present to provide the commission with a detailed cost <br />explanation of 4-H activities held at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds. He worked with fair <br />staff when drafting the report to identify the major uses of their facility for extension and 4-H <br />programs and to gather cost information. He has spoken with Bryan Schulz, Fair Manager, <br />and David Strand, Fair Board President, who are familiar with the information provided in <br />the report. <br /> <br />Mr. Codgill said some of the buildings currently used at the fairgrounds for 4-H activities, <br />particularly those related to livestock, are the only sites in the area that would meet their <br />needs. He said an integrated situation exists because of the long-term history and <br />relationship that has evolved over time between the fair, extension services and 4-H <br />programs-the fair has been the place to showcase the programs. He said as their office is <br />planning for 4-H events in 2008, an edge of uncertainty exists and he hopes the needs of all <br />parties involved will be met. <br /> <br />Mr. Bennett asked how many youth are members of the 4-H program. Mr. Cogdill said 485 <br />individuals are enrolled in the community club youth program and approximately 2,000 <br />exhibits are displayed. <br /> <br />Mr. Wagner understands the long-standing relationship between the fair and extension may <br />be convenient and advantageous; however, the commission still has a responsibility to look <br />at how an organization operates before distributing public tax dollars. He supports the 4-H <br />program, but the fair association needs to address issues previously discussed in order to <br />keep the relationship and program moving forward. <br /> <br />Mr. Vanyo said after reviewing the report, it appears approximately $90,000 worth of facility <br />fees and premiums are being spent toward 4-H and youth-related programs. He said since <br />more finite numbers are available, he asked about the possibility of the dollars being <br />channeled differently through the Extension Service budget, with the Extension Office <br />paying the fair directly for premiums and facility fees. <br /> <br />Mr. Wagner said while he is amenable to the idea of the funds being included in the <br />Extension Service budget, this does not answer the questions or concerns of the board. He <br />prefers the concerns be addressed now and suggested a meeting be held with fair <br />association members and the county to discuss the issues. Mrs. Sorum agreed that a <br />meeting with fair representatives is needed. <br /> <br />Mr. Cogdill said his office will conduct training sessions for the fair manager and board <br />members this month. Mr. Vanyo will work with Mr. Cogdill to follow up on board training and <br />arrange a meeting with fair representatives to address the concerns of the commission. <br /> <br />7. PLAT APPROVAL, Woods Acres Subdivision <br />Tim Solberg, County Planner, was present to discuss approval of a plat request for Woods <br />Acres Subdivision, located in the NE 14 of Section 36, Leonard Township. The county <br />planning commission held a public hearing and approved the plat on January 24, 2008. He <br />distributed a map of the area and briefly reviewed the plat approval process. He said the <br />subdivision is consistent with density restriction requirements outlined in the county's <br />comprehensive plan. <br />