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<br />MEMO <br /> <br />RECEIVED <br />DEe 2 8 2111~ <br /> <br />CAS8 COUNTY COMMIISIQN <br /> <br />TO: Cass County Commission <br /> <br />FROM: Terry Schmaltz, IT Manager <br /> <br />DATE: Dec 28, 2007 <br /> <br />SUBJECT: Computer Equipment Purchases for 2008 <br /> <br />Dear Commissioners, <br /> <br />Below is an outline of computer equipment scheduled for <br />replacement in 2008. These are the budgeted figures and in most cases <br />will come in slightly lower than the budgeted costs since they are based on <br />standard contract prices. <br /> <br />Computer equipment replacements for departments include <br />desktops, monitors and laptops. <br /> <br />Competitive bids were not completed since the computer <br />replacements and software upgrades will be purchased under existing <br />State procurement contracts. <br /> <br />Servers and VPN security equipment will be installed to support <br />the 2008 elections. <br /> <br />Server room equipment that will be replaced or installed in 2008 <br />includes a server for the Road Department, AS/400 storage expansion, <br />UPS equipment and replacement of the CRIS server for the Recorders <br />office. <br />