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SUBJECT: <br />Revised: <br /> <br />FLEET VEHICLE POLICY <br /> <br /> 2.60 <br />PAGE 3 OF 4 <br /> <br />expiration date of their policy. <br />supplemental insurance through <br />transporting clients. <br /> <br />County staff who transport clients have <br /> Cass County only while they are <br /> <br />E. SAFETY BELTS <br /> <br /> Ail county employees shall wear properly fastened safety belts <br />whenever they travel on county business. Drivers of county-owned <br />vehicles shall require passengers to use seat belts. <br /> <br />F. ACCIDENTS <br /> <br /> Drivers shall immediately report all accidents involving county <br />vehicles to their department head. Accident reports made out in detail <br />are a necessity. If your agency has an accident form, please use the <br />appropriate form, otherwise an accident report may be provided in <br />narrative form with appropriate attachments, such as a police or highway <br />patrol report. A copy of all accident reports must be filed with the <br />county auditor's office for insurance purposes and department heads will <br />be responsible for proper reporting of all accidents. <br /> <br /> Personal injuries, as a result of an accident, are also to be <br />reported immediately to the department head. Appropriate worker's <br />compensation forms should be submitted for any injuries requiring medical <br />attention or resulting in time off work. <br /> <br />G. FLEET SAFETY <br /> <br />1) <br /> <br />Ail county employees who presently use county vehicles must <br />participate in a defensive driving course either through the Cass <br />County Sheriff's Department or the North Dakota Highway Department, <br />except this course must be completed prior to the operation of any <br />county vehicle and repeated every two years or after any subsequent <br />accident regardless of fault. County employees who drive their own <br />vehicles and receive mileage reimbursement, or are likely to receive <br />mileage reimbursement, must also attend and be certified in the <br />county's defensive driving class. Upon completion of the course, a <br />notification will be made to the Personnel Office. New employees <br />must participate at the first available seminar. <br /> <br />2) <br /> <br />Any county employee who operates a county vehicle must notify their <br />department head of any change in their physical condition, such as a <br />heart problem, diabetes or a significant deterioration of hearing or <br />eye sight which may be a factor in operating a vehicle safely. <br />Further, a county employee must notify their department head any <br /> <br /> <br />