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<br />PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />OF CASS COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA <br /> <br />ICN'OHT""'NTIHIl CO.;rAAOO, U;-D <br /> <br />.~~).!I- <br /> <br />_....c:-...,..."~-c--..,._._...,-.-.-..._,...----:--~_~~~~=='.~~=,.=:,..::':..,..=~."..=,.==. '_"'__""":-~O._"'_"""'..,__~_--,___..,___~_.__....~._ <br /> <br />SPECIAL MEETING OF CASS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />AUGUST 28, 1984--7:00 P.M. <br /> <br />A Special Meeting of the Board of Cass County Commissioners was held at 7:00 P.M. in the <br />Commission Room at the Courthouse. Chairman Stanton called the meeting to order with four members <br />present, Don Eckert being absent. <br /> <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mr. Sondrall seconded to grant permission for out-of-state travel for GiI <br />,Engel and Kathy Suedel from Cass County Social Services to take a client to the Gilfillan Center at <br />Bemidji, Minnesota, on Thursday, August 30, 1984.. The motion carried on roll call vote with all members <br />present voting IIAyell. <br /> <br />Scott Krueger, Administrative Assistant, handed out copies of "The Fargo Report" which is a City <br />Government Task Force Study dated July, 1984. Mr. Krueger asked the members of the Fargo Task <br />Force Committee to attend the meeting this evening. Those present were Scott Kildahl, Chairman of the <br />Committee, Donald Haugen and Kathi Arenson from the Finance Committee. <br /> <br />Discussion was held on the feasibility of having a study done for Cass County similar to liThe Fargo <br />Report". Mr. Kildahl stated that there could well be some opportunities for change in the areas of <br />central purchasing, more efficient use of the County's computer system, and an employees' salary study. <br /> <br />An item will be placed on the County Commission Agenda for next Tuesday when all Board members <br />are present to fu rther discuss the possibility of a study for Cass County. <br /> <br />On motion by Mr. Larson and seconded by Mr. Sondrall, the meeting was adjourned. <br /> <br />I ATTEST: <br />.1) , <br />,L/' <br />l<'/l CUe& ~ <br /> <br />~/ ) <br />Utr /. /? <br /> <br />APPROVED, ~ <br /> <br />~~'~~/~ .. /(u <br /> <br /> <br />Jeannette Stantol1l, Chairman <br />Cass County Board of Commissioners <br /> <br />Ordelle Brua - Auditor <br />Cass County, North Dakota <br /> <br />REGULAR MEETING OF CASS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />SEPTEMBER 4, 1984 <br /> <br />Chairman Stanton called the meeting to order and upon roll call, all members were present. <br /> <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mr. Eckert seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved <br />as written. Motion carried. <br /> <br />Sheriff Donald Rudnick reported that he would handle the request of Mr. Marvin Keizel, <br />representing the Diabetes Association, for a bike-a-thon to be held on County Road 10. <br /> <br />After Mr. David Weaver and Mr. Robert Meyer presented petitions for blacktopping County Road <br />10 and along with more discussion, it was decided to wait with any further action until County Road <br />Superintendent Steve Grindberg could report on the traffic counters that had been placed on the, road. <br /> <br />Sheriff Donald Rudnick reported that there will be a meeting at the Police T raining Center at 9: 30 <br />A.M. on September 5, 1984, to discuss the completion of the training center at a cost of about <br />$200,000.00. The City Commissioners from Fargo and West Fargo will be in attendance; and an invitation <br />was extended to the Cass County Commissioners. <br /> <br />The following bids were opened at 10;00 A.M. for the Chrisan and Chrisan 2nd Subdivisions Street <br />Improvement Districts; <br /> <br />Border States Paving <br />F-M Asphalt, Inc. <br />Northern Improvement Company <br /> <br />$ 97,787.50 <br />$ 97,770.85 <br />$121,679.40 <br /> <br />Mr. Larson moved and Mr. Eckert seconded that the above bids be received, filed and referred to <br />Engineer Steve Dewald for tabulation and recommendation next week. On roll call vote, the motion <br />carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Mr. Wieland moved and Mr. Larson seconded to request the Forward Fargo Committee and the <br />Fargo Chamber of Commerce to consider a study of Cass County similar to liThe Fargo Reportll. On roll <br />call vote, the motion carried unanimously. <br /> <br />Mr. Alton Johnson and Commissioner Oscar Sondrall were authorized to get some temporary heaters <br />for the Juvenile Detention Center until the new boiler is installed because of temperatures being <br />65 degrees in the building. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Soc. Serv. auth. <br />out of state travel <br /> <br />Spec. Meeting to <br />discuss liThe Fargo <br />Reportll with the <br />I Task Force Comm. <br />, members <br /> <br />i <br />I <br />; <br /> <br />iReq. to block Cl0 <br />1 for bike-a-thon <br /> <br />I C 1 0 request for <br />'blacktopping east of <br />Mapleton disc. <br /> <br />Shff. reported on <br />completion of Police <br />ITraining Center <br /> <br /> <br />IBid opening for <br />Chrisan and Chrisan <br />jSecond Subd. <br />I <br />j <br />I <br />I <br />j <br />I County requests <br />la study similar to <br />I"The Fargo Report" <br /> <br />Juvenile Center to <br />have temp. heaters <br />until new boiler <br />is installed <br />