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<br />.~mml RECEIVED Office of the Sheriff <br />~.II.~&.III.!t:MY 9:'8100 Don Rodnie k. Sheriff <br /> <br />Administration <br />701 -241 -5800 <br /> <br />November 9,2004 <br /> <br />Jail Robyn Sorum, Chair <br />701-271-2900 Cass County Commission <br />211 9 St South <br />Juvenile Detention Fargo, ND 58103 <br />701-241-5845 <br /> <br />RE: <br /> <br />INTERACTIVE VIDEO ARRAIGNMENT <br /> <br />Emergency Mgmt. <br />701-241-5858 Commissioner Sorum: <br /> <br />Fax <br />701 -241-5805 <br /> <br />I have met with the Court and the State's Attorney's Office and we will attend <br />your November 15th board meeting to update the commission on our progress. <br /> <br />At our last meeting on October 29th, several issues that had been delaying the <br />implementation of video arraignments were resolved. Judge Dawson has set a <br />tentative start date of December 3rd to begin such arraignments. <br /> <br />Those attending that meeting were Judge Georgia Dawson, Presiding Judge; <br />Judge John Irby; Birch Burdick, State's Attorney; Mark Boening, Assistant <br />State's Attorney and Glenn Ellingsberg, Jail Administrator. <br /> <br />RespectfuI~IY' " .~ <br />~~ ,'~/ <br />"1";. . iT> ÀJ <br />'Gl: E~ngsberg .. J 't'\ <br />Jail Administrator <br /> <br />cc. <br /> <br />Judge Georgia Dawson, Presiding Judge <br />Judge John Irby <br />Birch Burdick, State's Attorney <br />Donald Rudnick, Sheriff <br /> <br />2119th St. S. <br />Box 488 <br />Fargo, North Dakota 58107-0:188 <br /> <br />