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<br />CASS COUNTY <br />PERSONNEL POLICY MANUAL <br /> <br />7.50 <br /> <br />SUBJECT: <br /> <br />ON-CALL PAY <br /> <br />EFFECTIVE DATE: <br /> <br />PAGE 1 OF 1 <br /> <br />On-call employees are "those employees who are required by management to <br />be available to provide a specific essential county function outside their <br />regularly assigned duties." <br /> <br />All non-exempt on-call employees shall receive an additional salary base <br />of $50.00 for each week served on-call. Any non-exempt employees required <br />to be on-call during a county paid holiday will receive an additional <br />$50.00 for that week. In addition, non-exempt employees shall be paid for <br />actual time worked (excluding travel time) at the appropriate FLSA rate <br />dependent on the employees weekly work schedule. These workers shall <br />receive a minimum of two (2) hours of pay for each call that requires them <br />to travel to work. <br /> <br />Exempt level employees will not receive any additional salary for being <br />on-call. Any exempt level employee required to be on-call shall receive <br />four hours of compensation time for each week on-call and four hours for <br />each county paid holiday worked. In addition, exempt employees shall <br />receive compensation time equal to the actual hours worked while on-call. <br />On-call comp time earned after the 15th of December shall accrue and be <br />used prior to December 15th of the next year. Exempt employees should not <br />put on-call comp time earned or taken on their time sheets. <br /> <br />The on-call policy applies to personnel in the following departments: <br />Information Services; State's Attorney; Sheriff; Social Services. If a <br />department head identifies a need for on-call staff, he/she should submit <br />a plan to the Commission for inclusion under this policy. <br /> <br />Emergency Call Back <br /> <br />If a non-exempt employee who is not on-call is called backed to work for <br />an emergency, he/she will be entitled to pay according to the FLSA <br />dependent on the employee's weekly work schedule. Employees who are <br />called back to work shall receive a minimum of three hours pay and/or comp <br />time. <br /> <br />SUGGESTED MOTION: <br />Move to ratify Personnel Overview Committee action of November 1, 2004, and amend <br />Personnel Policy Manual Section 7.50, On-Call Pay, to add the word "emergency" to the call <br />back portion of the policy. <br />