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<br />------------------------- -,'- - <br />:¡ <br />__.lI__- :.-- - - - -Cu.--u,.- --------:..--.-=-:.-o~",::::=.,,--.::=:"-~::=,,_::..-:=:_==---=-:::=-:=:.~.::::::-=:_=-=::_-=.__::::_-::-::=--::=-_:_-.::_--:==:=-::-==-:::-=:::'-:'=-==-:::::==::::,o:::===-=::::=::===-:"""====-"--=:-:=---=====o=-.-=t;= <br /> <br />--~~+ ~__::'_'~NDE~Ni"!2'°~~ PORI.O~TI~STR~~BNT~~O}!;OO;:" "":'" ~C": CC '- - -- -- 9~i ~iJ¿7i¡?J "kl%ljj;' "- ii- <br />ii INDEMNITY BOND ON LOST INSTRUMENT Ii <br />I' Ii <br />II Ii <br />Ii Ii <br /> <br />Ii Whereas'_h---.___uF.~_~_Þ.~E_g~9E-_!!~'~-~~~....__m__n._.-_mh.mn_-------------------------------_------hereinafter designated as claimant, 11 <br />I' il <br />I claims to be the owner and entitled to the payment of a certain__-_S1_?tgn_B_?nkh_f._9-_hgQ_-_¡:;kil.Z_Q_8._U_nm_------__n_--_nh____- <br />Ii Ii <br /> <br />II d a ted_- - -m- E~hrllary___13....-_2.QQ.LL ---.-._nnn___-n-mmmnn__n- d u e____mE'-~Þ.E.~~EY.__J~_~m~g-Q~--------- ----n---_-__n____--------n_n_._- - -. n__- ! ¡ <br />II Ii <br />I! payable to__n_mh___W~_~_h~E.g~9.~__!1.1!.~~.?!_n_-_._--_n..nmnm_--~-2-8-1-1:-.-6&------------___---nmoo_---_--_------______n___n_--mhh______----------------- ¡: <br />'I . / II <br />Ii for the sum oL_,,_~~_,?_--~~_,?,~~,C:~~h_:~'~~!:_'-~~'r:.~:_~.~._~-~=~:~---~~-~,-~-~u--~-~~:_~~:_-=~~--=-=~~-==--===~-==-~=~-~_~DoUars, !: <br />,I Ii <br />Ii executed"-------------------_h_"'--___---------mn_-----h__---h______-- II <br /> <br />II but is unable to produce or surrender said illstrument upon such payment on account of its loss, destruction, or 11 <br /> <br /> <br />II oth';~;, THEREFO RE, IL_~~- -,-- !~-~uk.aL------------------------------_-----_h,,"¡n'f"r i <br />Ii I' <br />ii designated as obligee, will payor cause to be pai to said claimant, or order, the amount demanded by him by virtue !I <br />I thereof, we, the undersigned, do jointly and severally promise, undertake and agree to and with said obligee, his or Ii <br />:: i" ,""""O", hei", admini""to" and a"igm, that we will obligee, hi, °' i" ,"""'O", hei", admini",,- I <br />Ii tors and assig~s, harmless from any and all claims of any person or persons in and ,to said instr,ument, or, to the pay- II <br />Ii ment thereof, In whole or In part, and from any and all damages, remote or proxImate, sustaIned by vIrtue of saId ¡i <br />Ii payment, including all attorney's fees, costs, expenses, charges, or liabilities assumed, incurred or expended; and will !i <br />Ii at any time upon'demand payor cause to be paid to said obligee, in addition thereto, the amount so paid to said Ii <br />Ii claimant by said obligee with accrued interest thereon from the date of such payment at the rate oL----_n--_per cent i! <br />I: : per annum and undertake and perform any and aU steps, actions or proceedings which said obligee may deem necessary Ii <br />II r or requisite to save saiq ob1i~ee þarmless from further lia~ity, cost, expense or damage in. the prpmilll:i , Ii <br /> <br />Ii [. Dated thiL--_m_a.J"t1~'_m.m--nmn_--_m__n_day OL__Ltu.Q:~_-_.--J.OO_~mm_--.- mn...~~\\'II~'111111 II <br />II: U ,"-{""'.A~I¡>,""""'" Ii <br />,I ' S~'d and Dal\v",d in tho .P"".n" of ~",,':~i"mm:"':'~:':"1$AL) Ii <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />i c:u:~;:--o~--:~~~-~--~~~:~--) ,,- ' J II <br /> <br />I On this___mm---..-mm--m--m----nmm----"-h--__u__day the year ._mm, before me, II <br />I: p ,",on, II y 'p p,m d.... m..... 'm""... .".oo.oo '-, ." "oo" """"... """,...oo, """"""', ,--...oo ",...oo "... ',oooo "...oo """oo. ,oo """',,", """"""""""""'" 11 <br /> <br />i ¡ and______---------------_n_---------------n_-------_oo_----------m__n______----m----'---_-_-h__--___---------'_m_____n----------------_-__n______---------- _n__--_n_-.--n__------_------ Ii <br />i Ii <br />i known to me to be the persons who are described in and who executed the within instrument, and, who, each for Ii <br />! himself, personally acknowledged to me that they executed the same, I! <br />II Ii <br />II I! <br />Ii <br />! ------------"--------------------.-n-_h----__m_--_--__u_---------------_m___n__--------- Ii <br /> <br />II My commission expires_"----------------'-------hn--.-----------m-. ------.- -----------------_-__n__---n___--__--------mOO__'__--------n---_uu_---------------------- Ii <br />' II <br />I Ii <br />I ii <br />I STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA Ii <br />II <br />II <br />II <br />II <br />II <br /> <br />SUGGESTED MOTION: <br />Move to receive and file Indemnity Bond for Lost Instrument for Washington Mutual; and authorize the <br />county treasurer and the county auditor to issue a duplicate check. <br />