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<br />RECEIVED <br /> <br />SEP <br /> <br />3 2004 <br /> <br />CASS COUN I Y COMMISSION <br /> <br />Draft #7 <br />Revised 8/104 <br /> <br />54-44.3-30. Agencies subject to merit system. All personnel employed by the <br />department of human services, the regional offices of that department, job service North <br />Dakota, North Dakota human resource management services, the state department of <br />health, and other agencies or political subdivisions as may by federal law or rule be <br />required to be subject to a merit system in order to obtain federal grants-in-aid are <br />covered by the merit system provided in this chapter. Merit system coverage must also <br />be próvided to personnel employed as purchasing agents or buyers in the purchasing <br />division of the office of management and budget. Other agencies, departments, or <br />divisions and positions must be placed under a merit system in the manner and to the <br />extent required by law. <br /> <br />54-44.3-30.1 Optina Out of State Merit system. Political subdivisions subject to this <br />chapter may opt not to be covered Qy the North Dakota merit system Qy filinQ £! request <br />with North Dakota human resource manaQement services and the director of the North <br />Dakota department of human services documentinQ £! plan and policies assurinQ that the <br />entity has £! locally administered plan that meets federal standards for £! merit system of <br />personnel administration. North Dakota human resource manaqement services and the <br />director of the North Dakota department of human services shall authorize locally <br />administered proqrams within sixty days of such filinQ if they meet federal qualifications. <br />If the locally administered proQram fails to meet such qualifications and the entity is not <br />permitted to QQ! out under this chapter. the notification shall set out specifically the <br />reason for the denial. <br /> <br />54-44.3-30.2 Opt Out Entity Compliance. North Dakota human resource <br />management services and the North Dakota department of human services shall <br />develop oversiqht and audit procedures of local county merit systems to assure <br />compliance with federal merit system principles. <br /> <br />54-44.3-30.3 Opt Out Entity Non-Compliance. Failure to maintain compliance with <br />federal merit system principles and failure to enQaQe in corrective action documented Qy <br />North Dakota human resource manaQement services and the North Dakota department <br />of human services shall nullify prior authorization for QQ! out status. and return the entity <br />to the North Dakota merit system. Penalties assessed Qy federal authorities for non- <br />compliant proqrams shall be the responsibility of the local entity administering the non- <br />compliant local personnel administration plan. <br /> <br />Additional modification suggestion <br />54-44.3-12.1 Revisions to compensation plan. Revisions to the compensation plan may only be <br />made on July first, following the close of a regular legislative session, except that new <br />classification may be added to the compensation plan during a biennium when deemed necessary <br />by the direction. Re'¡isions to the øompensation plans do not become effective for ooooty <br />employees oovered by the plan until JatRlary first ofthe first full oalendar year follovlÍng the <br />revision. Revisions to the compensation plan for county employees covered by the plan may <br />become effective July first following the close of the legislative session, based on official county <br />commission action or they shall become effective on January first for the first full calendar year <br />following the revision. Revisions to the compensation plan may only be made to the extent the <br />legislative assembly appropriates funds to implement such plans. <br />