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<br />SUBJECT: <br /> <br />CODE OF ETHICS FOR COUNTY PERSONNEL <br /> <br />1.11 <br /> <br />PAGE 2 OF 2 <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Conduct and perform the duties of the office diligently and promptly <br />dispose of the business of the county. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Maintain a positive image to pass constant public scrutiny. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Evaluate all decisions so that the best service or product is <br />obtained at a minimal cost without sacrificing quality and fiscal <br />responsibility. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Inject the prestige of the office into everyday dealings with the <br />public employees and associates. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Maintain a respectful attitude toward <br />personnel, colleagues and associates. <br /> <br />other public <br /> <br />employees, <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Effectively and efficiently work with governmental agencies, <br />political subdivisions and other organizations in order to further <br />the interest of the county. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Faithfully comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the <br />county and impartially apply them to everyone. <br /> <br />The ethical county employee should not: <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Engage in outside interests that are not compatible with <br />impartial and objective performance of his or her duties. <br /> <br />the <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Improperly influence or attempt to influence other officials to act <br />in his or her own benefit. <br /> <br />* <br /> <br />Accept anything of value from any source which <br />influence his or her action as a public official. <br /> <br />offered to <br /> <br />is <br /> <br />The ethical county employee accepts the responsibility that his or her <br />mission is that of servant and steward to the public. <br /> <br />SUGGESTED MOTION: <br />M t ratify the Personnel Overview Committee action of August 16, 2004, to amend Personnel <br />P~I~~Y, °Section 1.11 Code of Ethics and related Commission Policy Section 31.00. <br />