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<br />AUG <br /> <br />5 2004 <br /> <br />BOARD OF CITY COMMISSIONERS <br />City HalJ Phone: 701-241-1310 <br />200 North 3rd Street Fax: 701-241-1526 <br />Fargo, ND 58102 <br /> <br />ECITY OF <br /> <br />~o <br /> <br />RECEIVED <br /> <br />CASS COUNTY COMMISSION <br /> <br />Thursday, Aug 05, 2004 <br />Dear Cass County Commissioners, <br />This motion passed unanimously on June 19,2004 at the Fargo City Commission meeting. Please read and consider <br />if you would be interested in joining in and sending a representative to be on the committee of the multi- <br />jurisdictional advisory study. I have been appointed the representative for Fargo on this advisory panel, and would <br />be grateful for the opportunity to alJow me to make a formal presentation of the concept by putting this item on your <br />agenda for your next scheduled meeting. Thank you for your kind consideration. <br />Mike Williams Fargo City Corrul1issioner <br /> <br />TO: CASS COUNTY COMMISSION <br />FROM: COMMISSIONER MIKE WILLIAMS <br />DATE: AUG 5, 2004 <br />SUBJECT: INVITATION TO MULTI-JURISDICTIONAL ADVISORY STUDY COMMITTEE <br />The City of Fargo is inviting you to designate a representative from your body to sit on a multi-jurisdictional <br />advisory committee. Your chosen representative does not have to be an elccred official. The committee is advisory <br />only, it will have no binding authority. <br /> <br />Attached is a copy of North Dakota Century Code 40-01.1-03 providing an outline for such a committee. <br />Our areas current method of city financing infrastructure for new developments is a strategy that originated many <br />years ago when interest rates were so high new development was stymied. <br /> <br />The primary purpose of this multi-jurisdictional advisory study committee wiII be, open a formal avenue for <br />review and discussion on the effects of our area's current methods of special assessments may have on the local <br />jurisdictions, residents and growth. Some of the benefits will be; <br />1. The study will provide a vehicle to help improve public understanding of our current special assessments <br />methods through review of our current methods. <br />2. It will also help elected officials and citizens understand some of the common infrastructure challenges our area <br />faces. <br />3. This study will welcome citizens and professionals input and ideas for potential improvements, along with <br />comparisons of our system to that of other cities or areas. Who knows where the best ideas may come from? <br /> <br />Once established, the advisory committee will welcome members of the pubic to attend meetings and submit ideas <br />and concerns. Meetings will be scheduled to introduce, evaluate and consider other potential methods of funding <br />new and existing infrastructure in our area. Other subjects may be introduced if they are deemed pertinent to the <br />primary purpose stated above, by the chairman of the committee. The entities invited for the committee seats are: <br />* Cass County Commission <br />* City governments of Fargo, West Fargo, Harwood, Horace <br />* PulJlic School Boards of those cities listed above <br />* Park Districts of those cities if separate public entities <br /> <br />First phase of the study: Review of current special assessment methods and policies presented by staff members <br />that implement them. <br /> <br />Second phase of the study: Questions and answers on the materia] presented in phase one. The conm1ittee will <br /> the questions in the first phase to alIow for presenters to focus on the methods now in use without having to <br />answer why at that time. <br /> <br />Third phase of the study: This phase of the study will consider ideas for improvement presented by the general <br />public as wen as professionals. <br /> <br />rh.k'é /)}Gltt(>t~,'SI.r tn-- <br /> <br />RECOMMENDED MOTION: Designat/aírepresentative(S) from the Cass County Commission to develop and <br />participate in the establishment of a multi-jurisdictional advisory committee to provide a fonnal avenue for <br />discussion on the effects our areas cun-ent methods of special assessments may have on the local jurisdictions, <br />residents and growth. The designated representative will attend those meetings to be held in the Fargo Commission <br />room once the multi-jurisdictional advisory committee is established and report back to their board. The term of the <br />study will not exceed 6 months after the first meeting is held, without majority approval from that representative's <br />board. <br /> <br />Fargo-Moorhead <br />tI:8.'d <br />fin"! <br /> <br /> <br />2DOD <br /> <br />':) Printed on Recycled paper. <br />